Wednesday, November 13, 2013

And so it begins.

The holidays have officially arrived!  The inaugural egg nog latte, half skim of course, has been consumed!  YUM!

Break out the pilgrim salt and pepper shakers, cornucopia and table linen in rich fall colors.  No green and red, yet please.  Let's try and savor the days as they come.  Besides why invite the annual holiday anxiety all at once?  Parcel it out so you will be truly ready for that New Year's psychotic break you will so richly deserve.


1 comment:

  1. Oh sure, it’s so very nice to see the leaves turn to yellow and orange, and drop to the street, causing the drains to clog and making all those wonderful ponds for the little ones to splash in. Mr. Cheswick and I just love the holidays!

    Now the Mister, you know, he prefers his Tater Tot casseroles in November. And this time of the year just for a little fun, we make up a big batch of pork link sausages, coat them in warm chocolate syrup and roll them in crushed walnuts. Mr. Cheswick says we should try a new flavor, like Kahlua. Oh for Pete’s sake, you know I stick with the traditions! Now those sausages with a Snickerdoodle, now there’s a treat for sure!
    Mrs. Millicent Cheswick
    (Milton’s wife)