Friday, April 1, 2016

How do Moms have time to workout?

I am continually asked this question, so here is a day in the life situation. Obviously they are not ALL like this but it does go to show where there is a will there is a way!

Set the alarm for 4am. When it goes off reset it for 5am and go back to sleep, because your husband who usually works at night is home on vacation and it's hard to pass up some extra time in a warm bed. Hit snooze twice. Now you're kind of cutting it close. Shower-it's a no hair wash day.

Head downstairs, teen #1, 17 year old boy is already in the shower! Mildly shocking. Teen #2, 16 year old girl is already up and eating breakfast, no surprise there. Let the dog out, pack up the lunch you made last night, turn the light on in Tween 11 year old boy's room.

Mobile order your Tall Americano with 1 pump Sugar Free Cinnamon Dulce Syrup and Light Whip so you don't have to wait in line at Starbucks.

Out the door at 6:15am. At work by 6:35am. Put on scrubs, eat yogurt and granola in the breakroom, clock in at 7am.

Work 8 hours.

Teen #1 is at work making Pizza. Husband has dropped Tween at baseball practice on his way to work an overtime shift. Teen #2 needs to go to Walgreens to get 'Peeps' 70% off for some slumber party game. Just don't ask, it's better that way.

Put on running gear-you'll see in a minute. Get the 'Peeps'. Drop off Teen #2 at party. Go to baseball practice. Go for a quick run, 1.5 miles-9:47min/miles! Yippee! Practice is over! Double Yippee!

Take home Tween. Take car and keys to Teen #2. She is babysitting tomorrow and not staying overnight. Sad for her, yay for you! Now that she has a shiny new drivers license she can drive her own self home at 11:30 at night. This also gives you the opportunity to expand on your exercise for the day!

Literally run home after dropping of car and threatening bodily harm if she loses the keys. 2 miles-9:38min/miles! Happy Dance!

Shower. Fold laundry and hunker down with some popcorn and Powerade to do some knitting and watch 'Grimm', because at 48, that's what Friday night looks like.

Don't get me wrong I can still stay up late drinking Margaritas with the best of them. If my friends and I can coordinate our schedules which usually takes some sort of act of congress or natural disaster.

In conclusion I could have gotten up at 4 done the running then, but what fun would that be? And I would have still needed to get home after dropping the car off, soooo........there is always time to exercise you just have to think outside the box. Which I hear is good at staving off Alzheimers, you know, vary your routine, so I'm all about that! I fact, I may be the Queen of the un-routine.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I'm a rule follower, I like rules.

So my yearly mileage total was not as good as I had hoped. Just about 100 miles less than last year. Not really pleased about that, so in an effort to alleviate a repeat of that disappointing performance, I am off and running again in the new year.

To start with I have set a goal to run one race a month and have February thru September decided on. I did complete 3-1/2 marathons last year which was a record for me. I'll give myself a little credit for that, still have not PRd in that particular distance so that is another goal for this year. The schedule so far consists of 4-10K, 1-15K and 2-1/2 marathons. August's race is still up in the air because we will be taking my oldest to start college in August so I'm looking for a location run.

All of this leads up to why I broke one of my cardinal rules of running on Saturday, which is, 'Don't start a run in the pouring rain'. The problem being, I had already broken the 'No coffee before a workout.' rule, since I was up to transport my daughter to practice on one of the few days I could have slept in and I was planning on running later in the day I decided to stop for my new favorite coffee, Americano with whip cream.

Ok, you coffee purists please climb down off your high horses here. I know what your thinking. Probably what the Barista in Amsterdam was thinking when I ordered this summer and was European enough to just come right out and say, 'WHIP CREAM?! On AMERICANO????'. Yes! I say, just the right amount of sweet and cream without a lot of other junk. Anyway - Since it was so early in the day I was also breaking the 'No coffee before having a least a liter of water.' rule.

Now this may seem like a lot of rules and regulations to you, I am however a rule follower unless of course I am not fully on board with the spirit of the rule then I do believe that they are guidelines and therefore open to interpretation. So if you are sensible and possess some good old fashioned horse sense, which frankly I find to be greatly lacking among the general population, you should fair well.

This leads us to the fact that even though it was pouring rain I really had to get the run in to even out my exercise karma, and as an added bonus I was observing the 'Work exercise into the family schedule.' rule by running to my youngest sons basketball game and meeting them there.

This may still sound crazy to you, I'll own that! Its gotten me this far though at my goal weight for 41/2 years after loosing 53 lbs.  I say -  have said - may times there in no need to re-invent the wheel. If I am motivated by all this crazy stuff, well I should just keep up the good work!

In the end I was blessed by the exercise gods and the rain let up, there was even some sun! See? A healthy respect for the superstitions of life will pay off in the end.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Adding Protein to your Workout

My friend often says, 'you should have given me an aspiration warning with that text, email, blogpost...', meaning that whatever I have written and/or transmitted may cause her to laugh, snort and/or unexpectedly aspirate. So consider yourself warned.

This will be a bulleted point presentation that will allow you to add protein to your workout.

  • Go for a run after working eight hours because it was that kind of day.
  • Make sure to apply some sort of lip stuff, because that's what you usually do when you run.
  • This allows the swarms of white ash flies to not only fly under your sunglasses, into your eyes, up your nose, straight down your throat, but to stick directly to your lips so that you appear to be some sort of crazy (ok crazier than usual) running, spitting and waving your arms to fend of the flies that of course only you can see due to their miniscule size.
  • Not that you are one of those graceful effortless runners with legs up to there anyway, but this sort of behavior really isn't helping.
  • Upon arriving home when your husband asks, 'How was your run'? you answer, 'Well, I did not appreciate the effect of the ash flies prior to embarking on this run'. 'Eewwww....', he says. He is alway so loving and supportive.  He is my biggest fan!
  • Try not to think of the actual amount of white flies you may have ingested. It's just added protein, right?

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Apricot Season

The other day I was eating lunch in the break room at work, which this time of year sometimes resembles a farmers market. I don't know what it is about nurses, but most of us have gardens, as if we're not busy enough! It is nice however to go home with a fresh tomato or lettuce or squash depending on where we are in the growing season.

One of my friends was telling me about her most recent farmers market acquisition, as she ate her yogurt with apricots. She had recently gotten 25 lbs. of apricots for $19.95, a steal and if we can't grow it, which apricots are a little dicey this far north, getting a great deal on them is the next best thing.

And while that is a great price I couldn't help thinking, 'I don't know what I would possibly do with that many apricots!', or that much of anything for that matter.

Well she proceeded to tell me, two apricot pies, an apricot crisp, apricot cobbler, a whole batch of apricot preserves, a batch of apricot freezer jam and she was now left with a large bowl on her counter that were just a few days away from a date with the dehydrator.

Now it is her and her husband at home, so this is where you separate the men from the boys.  Any real man who knows what's best for him and his gastronomic future is in the worst quandary of all. He is being supplied with ALL of these fantastic treats and treasures, made from scratch fresh everyday so he has to measure his words. Because we're all still thinking it, 'That's A LOT of APRICOTS!'

But any words to that effect may impact his ability to be served freshly baked homemade treats in the future. So I asked her, 'What's the hubby think of all the apricots?' 'Well he hasn't said anything yet', she said.

That is one smart and loving husband who knows what side his bread is buttered on.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Captain Safety

My friend and I went running at the crack of dawn today, well actually it would have been the crack of dawn last week, but now it's just plain dark. I of course was wearing my 'please don't hit me with your car' neon yellow top and neon orange running shoes. She was wearing one of those reflective neon yellow safety vests, which I had never seen her wear before. We have been running together for over a year.  "Yes", she said, "Captain Safety (meaning her husband) insisted on it". We started running, "Oh, let me tell you about my Captain Safety" I started, "Oh, no", she laughed.

Last week my husband offered to walk the dog in the morning so I could sleep in a little. Yes I agree, he is so sweet! Anyway, most days it is me or the kids that walk this dog. This dog came to us about 3 years ago.  He is a rescue, mild mannered and cute, but with some (and I use the word loosely) separation anxiety.  There is not enough doggie Valium out there for this dog's anxiety.

If there is someone here with him he is all good, no problems. He does not however want to be left alone. On the days when we both work and all kids are at school we were having a lot of trouble with him behaving badly when we tried to leave the house and after we had gone. Through trial and error we discovered if he has a good walk in the morning, 2 - 4 miles, he is perfectly happy to sleep the day away. Pretty cheap fix, I say.

So this morning my husband was taking him for his long walk. As they strolled along they encountered, joggers, other dog walkers and a guy carrying a fairly good sized box and loading it in his car. Hmmmmmm... This is not a usual activity for people at 430am in our little neighborhood. My husband being a police officer and just suspicious by nature began watching said, 'guy'.

Now I have to say as a police officer he always has a heightened sense of security where his family is concerned. In fact if I had walked the dog that day I would have gotten the rundown before leaving the house. Do you have your phone - yes, keys - yes, flashlight - yes, pepper spray - YES, what route will you be taking.... the list goes on, but I think you can see where I am going with this.  Whenever the kids and I are out and about on foot in the evening or early am we get this line of questioning. It's as if we are headed out for overnight field exercises rather than a casual stroll to get our persnickety dog to do his business.

My generous dog walking husband arrives home.  The dog races upstairs to greet me, his tail waving as he prances into the bathroom.  He is obviously proud of himself, and he's always happy to see me. The rest of the family well that can be a crap shoot - anyway, I'm chatting with the dog about his walk, he is wagging enthusiastically, and I hear my husband dialing the phone. High alert, Mrs. Kravitz mode.  He describes a guy, gives addresses etc, then I hear him coming upstairs. "So you decided to start work a little early today"?

I guess suspicious 20 something guys aren't concerned with middle aged guys walking with poodle mix dogs at 430am. Middle aged cops watching suspicious people in their neighborhood while walking poodle-y dogs notice everything. Keeping his eye on 'the guy', he continued on his mission with the dog and started to notice the cars parked along the street had open doors and/or trunks, broken windows etc. Uh-oh. Cue Cop Voice, "Hey, what are you doing"? 'Guy' slams his car door and speeds off.

- "Why'd you wait to call?", I said.
"Well... -sheepish pause -, I didn't take my phone with me".
-What?! (mocking incredulity)
"...and I didn't think I should confront the guy armed with a bag of dog poop and a poodle so..."
- Uh-huh...Sooooo you didn't take the flashlight or pepper spray either?
"Well, no....."

Acting like this whole exchange had not happened he said, "A cop may stop by." "Well did you give them your cell phone number?" "No, just the home." Oh Good Grief! Since he left before me and I was leaving before the kids I put one of his business cards near the door and told the kids the whole story.  When I got to the part about him calling out - What are you doing? - they all said, "Did he arrest him?" I had to break the news that no he hadn't because he didn't bring anything but the dog and a plastic bag on his walk.  Almost at once the 3 said, "The leash." They refrained from adding "Duh."

All I could say was, "Really?!", but I did have to tell my husband, even though we have 2 teens and a tween and the battles for independence are raging at our house, his kids have every confidence, that armed with nothing but a bag of poop, a leash and a rescue doge with an anxiety disorder, their Dad is fully capable of apprehending and arresting a neighborhood car prowler.  That's got to make him feel good.