Saturday, September 14, 2013

Personal Best!

It was a great day for a run.  Overcast, light breeze, 60s, perfect!  Today was the Oktoberfest
5k walk/run and 10k run in Mt. Angel.  I was a little disappointed when the sun wasn't blazing down, because I love to run when it's like that, but I think in light of my results, maybe I am becoming an Oregonian runner.  What's next running in the pouring rain, voluntarily?

I have been looking for a 10k to run for about a year now.  They seem to be harder to come by, or maybe it's just that I am working when they are scheduled.  That happens to me a lot.  I'm sure I could be a seriously impressive runner if stuff like home, family, work didn't keep getting in the way. Go figure!

This has been a pretty good year for me running wise.  It started with the 'First Run' at midnight January 1 which was a 5k personal record for me, 27:04 min.  Mainly because it was so cold I couldn't even feel my legs by the end.  Then I had a personal record for the 15k Shamrock run, 1:28:04 and a personal record for the 1/2 marathon in the foot traffic flat on the 4th of July, 2:04:48.  So to complete my personal record year, I just needed a 10k.  My goal has always been to do it in less than an hour, and that seemed to keep eluding me.

Apparently today was the day though.  Personal record achieved!  I can't tell you how excited I am about it!  I guess all the planets were in alignment and there was some sort of convergence in the universe because I finished in 55:07!  8:53/mi!

It was a good day.

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  1. What a stud! Look at those biceps and triceps "pop" as you break the tape! True runner's form!