Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Back to School!

Did you hear it?  The sound of squealing tires as hundreds of mini vans simultaneously exited the parking lots of schools all across the country.

Although my kids are at the age where summer has really become a pleasure.  Lazy mornings and late nights.  Lots to do, but no agenda.  The days are fluid and flexible and wonderfully spontaneous at times.  It will be nice to return to a predictable routine.

My heart goes out to the teachers everywhere who are headed into one of the hardest weeks of school.  Everyone is tired, left with a summer hang over of irregular bedtimes, unusual meals, vacations without the usual rules and regulations, and just maybe too much sugar, caffeine, and electronics.

I would like to say it was from too much sun, exercise and outdoor activity, but I think that would be a bit optimistic.  A mom can dream right?

So good luck, teachers and students.  Parents welcome to the hectic order of daily lunches, band and sports practices, orthodontia appointments, new classes, classmates and teachers.

Even though the Halloween costumes and Christmas decorations are out at Target and Michael's, it is still time for Back to School.

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