Friday, October 9, 2015

Adding Protein to your Workout

My friend often says, 'you should have given me an aspiration warning with that text, email, blogpost...', meaning that whatever I have written and/or transmitted may cause her to laugh, snort and/or unexpectedly aspirate. So consider yourself warned.

This will be a bulleted point presentation that will allow you to add protein to your workout.

  • Go for a run after working eight hours because it was that kind of day.
  • Make sure to apply some sort of lip stuff, because that's what you usually do when you run.
  • This allows the swarms of white ash flies to not only fly under your sunglasses, into your eyes, up your nose, straight down your throat, but to stick directly to your lips so that you appear to be some sort of crazy (ok crazier than usual) running, spitting and waving your arms to fend of the flies that of course only you can see due to their miniscule size.
  • Not that you are one of those graceful effortless runners with legs up to there anyway, but this sort of behavior really isn't helping.
  • Upon arriving home when your husband asks, 'How was your run'? you answer, 'Well, I did not appreciate the effect of the ash flies prior to embarking on this run'. 'Eewwww....', he says. He is alway so loving and supportive.  He is my biggest fan!
  • Try not to think of the actual amount of white flies you may have ingested. It's just added protein, right?

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