Tuesday, December 30, 2014

No, please, not the SLIPPERS!

I'm just going to come right out and say it. Pajamas should not be worn at the grocery store. I'm really just tired of it.

Now I am not in any way saying that you need to be in full hair and make-up to purchase your groceries. I am frequently straight from the gym sweaty, so I will apologize for any possible stinkyness. I do always put on a clean dry shirt, not the nasty thermal top with the grungy cuffs that I have been wearing to sleep in, as well as actual running tights or yoga pants not the pink plaid flannel with the filthy hems where they have been dragging on the ground, and shoes.

Yes, shoes I say, shoes with soles on them that are designed to be worn outside. I know our society has gotten overly casual as far as clothing and shoes are concerned, but please, I'm actually pleading now, begging.  I am tired of seeing everyones' slippers at the grocery store!

I will admit to germaphobic tendencies, but nothing incapacitating. I do believe however that some things should stay at home and once out of the home can no longer serve in their previously assigned position.

Slippers should be worn in your own residence, or packed in your suitcase for a trip and worn in other peoples residences, once they have gone to the store, work, school, the airport, Target their work as slippers is over. They can now live in the garage for taking out garbage and getting the mail, or they can go to slipper heaven. (The garbage can)

Similarly, pajamas should be worn in your home and in your bed, or packed in your suitcase for a trip and worn elsewhere mostly surrounding the bedtime hour possibly to watch TV, a movie, eat some dessert on the couch, play cards or a board game, you get the idea.  Again once the pajamas have gone to the grocery store, the mall, the post office, Starbucks, school, work they have lost their pajama status and should no longer be worn to bed.

But really I think the issue is a total lack of pride.  Have some pride people! Is that hard to pull on some yoga pants (I'm being generous here, I really wanted to say jeans, but I know some of you are not 'jean' people) and a tee shirt.  Put your hair in a messy bun (they are in now), or a ball cap, a pony, a stocking hat, anything. Lastly some SHOES.  I will even go so far as to say athletic slides or flip flops, just please for the love of God, not the slippers.

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