Friday, August 9, 2013

Have you ever wondered, what Victoria's actual secret is?

Well, I think I may have figured it out!  Get ready, this may be a shock for some of you out there.  No one over the age of 20 has boobs that look that good no matter what kind of bra they wear.  Unless of course they have had some sort of gravity defying front end work done.  If you ever had a braless-hippie-chick phase (about 3-4 years for me), then proceeded to have and nurse three kids then continue on to lose 50 lbs, well it's kind of a rock-in-sock situation as my friend Susan says.  Don't get me wrong I think Victoria's Secret is great, I get all my bras there -overshare alert- if anyone can give the girls a mini makeover its the Body by Victoria demi. The have to have some sort of design savants creating these engineering marvels with lace and bling on them.

The thing is we aren't talking actual boobs anymore it is something formerly know as boobs that I strap into the demi for a truely new and improved look.  I am being totally honest here, so gentlemen keep that in the back of your mind next time you are admiring what you think are the best looking set ever, it is not all truth in advertising my friends.  Is it real? or is it a secret between your dream girl and Victoria.

Victoria really has the marketing locked up though, who can pass up a free panty or $10 off a bra?  They send those little coupons for a free panty and $10 off about once a month, if you are brave enough to give them your email address.  I know they think that once you get in there with your free panty coupon you will just go crazy and spend a zillion dollars, which you could.  At least I could.

I myself have no problem walking in there claiming my free panty and hitting the road.  That's just me.  It is an adventure of sorts, you never know what the free panty will be, Cheekys, Laceys, Hip Huggers, Boy Shorts, Thongs.  It is a panty extravaganza!

So thanks to Victoria for helping us all look like we have 20 year old boobs.  It was just one of those secrets I couldn't keep to myself. And I think maybe our husbands also thank you for the demise of the granny panty and the surprise panty of  the month that is probably going on in houses all over the United States.  Lets face it how can you complain about anything that was free.

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