Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cr8tive Places

I thought I might elaborate on some of the links I have posted.  At first glance you might be thinking, 'What the heck, kind of random' so here we go!

Seasons and Generations:  About a year and a half ago I sent out one of my then 'imaginary blog posts'.  Occasional comments on daily life in our household.  I usually sent them to some friends and family.  On this particular story my Aunt replied, 'Have you ever thought of publishing?' Well no of course not, I mean I totally have my plate full with family and work this was just a infrequent indulgence to write these little tidbits and e-mail them off.  Long story short she forwarded it to her friend who was starting a monthly publication- Seasons and Generations.

Too Cute:  One of the Moms from school ventured out into the children's resale business.  She also includes some artisan crafts. One of which is my ever popular Felted Coffee Cuff.  They have been referred to as, 'the best gift ever!'

Wendy Green Yoga: Wendy Green has a raw foods yoga retreat on the North Caribbean Coast of Honduras.  She and my brother  host 10-14 day 'deep green' retreats year round.  It is truely amazing.

Road ID: Three years ago I decided it was time to take charge of my personal fitness, so I started running.  I still don't think I really consider myself a 'Runner'.  I did decide to keep track of my miles this year, so at what milage do you consider yourself a 'Runner'?  Anyway, since I don't want to be lying unidentified in a ditch or on the side of the road somewhere I invested in a Road ID band.  Love it!  Also great for kids when they start out on their own riding to school and friends houses.  Great for the little guys too because they have your phone numbers right there if they are on a school trip or the whole fam is at the amusement park.

Active:  Lots of great health and exercise tips for whatever you are interested in doing.

Map My Run:  No matter where we go I can map a run, know my route and distance and my hubby will know where I am headed. ( He worries.)

Mountain Girl Silver:  I gave myself one of her disc necklaces with the kids names for my 40th birthday.  I LOVE it!  I always get compliments and people want to know where I got it.

Ravelry: Anything you could possibly want to know about Knitting, Crochet etc.  If you have a yarn problem, and you know who you are, you have to check it out.

Etsy:  I think the name says it all. If you think you might want it, they have it.

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