Monday, January 27, 2014

Spoiler Alert!

If you are currently following Downton Abbey and have not elected to purchase the whole season and watch ahead, you will know that last night was episode 4. I love the anticipation of waiting until Sunday night every week and getting myself all settled in to watch. It's like a piece of chocolate waiting there for me to savor.  I don't understand the concept of watching ahead, it's like reading the last page of the book first, craziness!

As much as I have been enjoying the whole Downton experience, this season I am finding myself having some irritation with some of the characters. Shocking, I know. So if you have not seen episode 4 this season, its time to stop reading.

Here we go.

More purple?!  I'm glad that Mary is out of black, but the whole purple as a signature color thing is really getting to be a bit much.

What's up with those funky red sofas in the library?

The sous chef at the Ritz seems to bare a striking resemblance to the nasty chef in Ratatouille.

Edith going to the doctor! Never saw that coming!

Does Thomas really have to be so awful?

Potential Laverne and Shirley situation between the Dowager Countess and Mrs. Crawley.

Mr Molesley is making me cranky.  There seems to be a lot of whining going on there.  Maybe we should just call him Eeyore.

Would Dr. Clarkson tell Mrs. Crawley that he's in love with her already?

That's all I've got, for now.  Anyone else agree, disagree, sympathize, empathize, anything?

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