Monday, December 16, 2013

Shop the madness!

So this may be a little untimely, but I do have to comment on the shopping situation so far this season.
For the most part, I keep my eyes and ears open all year and purchase presents along the way.  Then closer to Christmas there is a small frenzy of last minute stocking stuffers and odds and ends.

Of course the official shopping season begins on Black Friday.  I do draw the line with getting up in the wee hours for Black Friday.  I will not go out on Thursday night.  I don't need anything that badly.  I also draw the line at going out at midnight.  I've done all the all nighters I care to do in this lifetime.

I didn't grow up doing Black Friday, I have only recently started going.  The first early morning experience was accidental. I was working the day after Thanksgiving and had to be there at 7.  This meant dropping my son at day care at 630, because my husband was working nights at the time.  So since I was 7 months pregnant and the 10 month old and I were up anyway at the crack of dawn we just headed out and did a little pre-work shopping.

It was sort of hit and miss after that depending on whether or not I was working.  Now that my daughter is old enough to want to go, I have to say I do enjoy having this little tradition with her.  Last year I was supposed to work, and they cancelled me, but I was on call.  We hurried up and got dressed.  We made it to Target before they called me in again!  Dang! That was disappointing.  This year I took it as a vacation day.

We actually did some planning this year.  We got the paper, decided what we needed and where, checked out their hours, we had a plan.  We left the house at 0330 first stop Starbucks, of course!  It really wasn't bad and we got everything we needed/wanted.  We were home by 1200. I know!  What the heck took so long?  I still don't know, but the memories are made right?  I did underestimate the resolve of the Downton Abbey fans and so did not make it into the first 100 customers at World Market for the souvenir teacup.  Lesson learned there!

As our shopping trip was evolving in the days leading up to the big event my oldest son was making noises about an XBox game he needed from Game Stop.  I assured him that by the time we would get to Game Stop, the 'deal' they were offering would be long gone since it opened at midnight.  I sent him in the general direction of his father, who while he puts on a big show is usually a bit of a pushover for stuff like this and agreed to head out with the 15 year old and his gamer friends at 1130 that night.
Here was his synopsis of the situation. "Every geek in the city had seen the Bat Signal for that sale". Enough said.

Now with a mere 8 days until the big event people are getting cranky out there, so I am more than happy to know I am done.  In fact I had a little wrapping get together with a friend last Friday.  That may be another new tradition.  Tea and present wrapping while watching White Christmas, does it get any better than that?

No comments from the audience please.  I can hear you all loud and clear and I don't think I exactaly like your tone.  We all deal with this holiday frenzy in our own weird way and mine is to just Get It Done!  It is my usual M.O. in all things.  If it seems daunting at all the best thing to do is just put your head down and plow through.  Hopefully everyone comes out alive in the end.

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  1. OK, now I'm really afraid! No comments??? Boy, don't get sideways with you!