Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Thanks Brooke!

Observation of my 13 year old daughter going to get her brows waxed - for the second time.
Mom, did you ever think about how when you go in there they have all the soft music, and candles with the lights low and that weird music and you lay down to relax, and then they put BURNING HOT WAX on your face and RIP OUT all your hairs by the root?

I know you are thinking what does a 13 year old need her brows waxed for?  Several reasons, first and foremost, this is the person whose eyes well up with crocodile tears if I braid her hair too tight, so the thought of plucking out individual eyebrow hairs with her own tweezers is really beyond her comprehension.  Speaking as someone who needs to pluck almost every night to keep the unibrow at bay, I tried to introduce her to the joys and nuances of brow plucking over the summer.  Let's just say it's worth the $16 to have her waxed.

Second and third, Dad, half Italian, Mom, half German.  We are crazy old man eye brow antennaes waiting to happen without regular grooming.  Unfortunately she got the Irish sensitive almost glow in the dark pale skin, but her brows would make Brooke Shields proud.  After all Brooke is the reason all of us coming up in the 80's were able to keep our eyebrows.

Thanks Brooke!

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  1. Sadly, I became a teen about ten years before Brooke came on the scene with her fabulous eyebrows. So as someone BORN with, shall we say 'substantial' eyebrows, I spent my teen years plucking and plucking away. Now I wish I could get some of it back. So I guess I can BLAME Brooke! Thank you for the post--had a good trip down memory lane this morning.