Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Science Camp

Dayquil, Halls, travel tissues and Emergen-c because you still have a cold: $25.00
Two vacation days from work: $700.00
Spending a week in the forest with your 13 year old and her class: Priceless

I know its been done but it really does say it all.  There can never be a more fulfilling experience than
spending this time with these kids.  They are trying so hard to be mature, but they are still young enough to be silly and have fun getting muddy and wet hiking around, with messy hair and rain pants on.  (If you don't have experience with rain pants, they are the most unflattering piece of apparel ever made!  No matter who you are.)

You have to snatch up these opportunities when they come along.  They are few and far between!

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  1. And God bless parents like you who readily and cheerfully sign up for these week-long field trips! All those parents who said NO don't know the wonderful memories you've made for yourself and your daughter and her friends.