Friday, October 25, 2013

Pharmacy Drive Up?

As I recently shared, when the drive thru is full I walk in.  So today, 2 car line up at the Walgreens drive thru.  I know the ultimate in laziness, we pull up to receive medications, anyone have a little problem with that?

I went in and walked right up because everyone else, 3 cars now are trying to drive thru.  I even had time to grab a fantastic nail polish.  I like Sally Hansen Insta-Dri.  It goes on great and dries in a second.  Anyway I digress.

As I am completing my transaction the pharmacist goes to the window to commence the 'confidential' consultation through inch thick bullet proof glass using a microphone that blasts through a speaker on the outside of the building.  Of course she is nearly shouting because, after all if you speak loudly enough, comprehension will be increased on the part of the listener.  Really does this technique ever work?

It is always good to know that someone who is DRIVING in a car is getting a prescription for the next higher strength of Vicodin so you can keep a look out for them when you are back on the street. After all as the pharmacist revealed during their private consultation, 'FYI it may cause increased sedation.'

So much for HIPPA.

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  1. Rocephin prescription on Aisle 3!!! Azithromycin for the next car in the drive-thru!