Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Challenge yourself

You may have noticed that I am a fairly sporadic blogger.  I am finding it hard to fit into the daily routine.  However, I don't have a quote of the day or any of that sort of thing automatically running on my page, so I thought it an effort to better myself and to keep you coming back for more I would at least try to make a daily observation.  That shouldn't be so hard, should it?  I guess we will see, I may have spoken too soon!  Here we go.

Why is it that we will wait in line at the drive up coffee for 15 min, when we can park, walk up to the window and be out of there in 5?  Are we really that lazy?  For me, if there is a line at the drive through, I'm parking it!  Besides, any exercise is better than none, right?  Not to mention the looks on the faces of the people in their cars in the line as I walk away with my steaming hot coffee.  Good thing I'm not sensitive about those kind of things, it might give a person a complex.  You just have to celebrate the small successes.  Hot coffee and a moderate challenge to your self confidence.  What better way to start the day?  At least no one called me any names, out loud that is.


  1. Thank god... A new topic. I had nothing to say on the two previous posts.


  2. I totally agree! Why sit in your car waiting for coffee, when if you went in you might even see a friend? And yes, the look on the faces of the anxious masses sitting in line burning gasoline, as you confidently stride back to your car, steaming coffee in hand. The others are doomed to wait their turn behind packed Suburbans, kids wanting hot chocolates!