Saturday, August 10, 2013

Did you ever think maybe you're punishing yourself more than the kids?

A few years ago, before I ever thought I would need it, I learned about Amish days from my friend Mel at work.  Amish days are just what you might think, if it requires electricity you will not be using it, with the exception of household appliances, in case chores need to be done and of course lighting.  It was Amish day for the kids at our house today.

It always seems like a good idea when all the electronic devices are going off simultaneously, and no one can seem to find any of the thousand pair of headphones or earphones that we own and then the bickering starts over the TV which they are all watching while texting and or messaging on iPods, iPads and cell phones.  When you call their names to try and put some order to the situation they glance up at you with a blank look, the white/blue light of their electronic device of choice reflected in their blank zombie like gaze and say, 'Huh?'

'THAT IS IT!'  The last nerve is finally gone. 'Tomorrow is Amish day!' For a moment you revel in the thought of the quiet that will surround you in the house and if there was a sound track for the day it would be, 'Heaven, I'm in Heaven.......'  Then it hits you, hold on a minute, now I am going to be alone with these beasts all day.

Why can't they be more like the dog who sprints to you with wild abandon, ears flying and tail high when you merely say- 'Come on, let's go!'?

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